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Falcon Computing Solutions delivers FPGA-based Tools and Solutions for Amazon EC2 F1 Instances

Merlin compiler provides push-button C/C++ to a highly-optimized FPGA implementation, including host code generation and optimization of accelerator design, data transfer, and reuse. Kestrel is a runtime scheduler that can optimize the discovery, deployment, sharing, reprogramming, and schedule of FPGA accelerators on F1 instances. Both tools are in use today with Falcon’s customers and are available for deployment with the F1 FPGA Developer AMI.

Falcon’s Accelerated Genome Sequencing Pipeline on F1 instances is built using Falcon tools and acceleration libraries which unlike other accelerated WGS solutions can be easily customized to use specific pipeline components.

Falcon also offers training, accelerator design and migration, and engineering consulting services to help AWS customers transition to F1 instances.